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standardisierte austrittsbefragungen, standardisierter Fragebogen

Automatisierte Austrittsbefragungen, die Ihre Mitarbeiterbindung nachhaltig stärken

Exit Surveys that strengthen your employee retention

Integrate digital exit surveys in your offboarding process

Avoid employees leaving your company. Identify and solve problems in your corporate culture with our automated exit surveys with built-in artificial intelligence.


This is how you benefit from Exit Surveys with functionHR:

  1. Gather honest feedback with automated surveys from those leaving the organization

  2. Generate deep insights through powerful data analytics based on artificial intelligence

  3. Address issues that are causing your employees to leave

  4. Improve the work experience of existing employees and prevent future turnover

  5. Create a positive work culture to attract and retain external talent

Exit Surveys

Customized questionnaires that reach every employee

Use exit surveys to digitalize the exit interview process. Use digital questionnaires on a variety of topics to gather feedback on the employee experience in your company. Maximize your data quality with a standardized and automated feedback process.

  • Complete anonymity guarantees more honest answers

  • Automatic invitation dispatch after receipt of notice

  • Multilingual and usable on all devices


Advanced analytics for deep insights into your company culture

Gain valuable insights into your employees’ responses via an interactive dashboard. Our software uses artificial intelligence to identify exit reasons and generates targeted recommendations for action that will help you retain your employees in the long term.

  • Identify and solve problems that cause your employees to leave

  • Use filters to break down the results for important employee groups and take group-specific measures

  • Detect emerging issues and sentiment early with our powerful Natural Language Processing algorithms

Exit Surveys
fexit Impact Grid Exit Surveys

Learn from those leaving

It is easy to collect honest and actionable feedback from your employees. Make use of our fully automated software solution for exit surveys in your offboarding process. Gain valuable insights and recommendations for action to counteract critical exit reasons and prevent future churn of your talent.

From insights to targeted actions

No more complex data analysis without real added value. We make sure that your entire company can benefit from our software.

With functionHR, your HR department gains area-specific insights, while management evaluates KPIs, identifies important levers and initiates target-oriented action plans. Managers benefit from personalized dashboards with recommended actions for their area of responsibility.

Dashbord für Personaler im Einsatz

Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure

The integration of functionHR is super easy. From the survey to the analysis to the communication of results, all processes are fully automated. KPIs and reports can easily be integrated into your existing HR reporting with export options.

We take care of the entire process for you, so that you can focus on working with the results to figure out the best practices for your organization.

Data Integration

You want to improve your company culture?

Schedule a free demo now and discuss your goals directly with our customer success team. Find out how to improve your employee retention and learn from your employees' feedback.

What customers say about functionHR's Exit Surveys:

Successfully improve employee retention with functionHR


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