Onboarding Experience Surveys with functionHR
Onboarding Expeirience

Onboarding Experience Surveys

Understand and improve the onboarding experience of new employees

Set yourself apart from your competitors with a better onboarding process. With our onboarding surveys, you will meet the expectations of new hires in their onboarding and ensure higher levels of productivity.

Onboarding Experience

This is how you benefit from our Onboarding Surveys:

  1. Collect honest feedback on your onboarding process

  2. Turn your employees’ experiences into useful insights to eliminate onboarding issues

  3. Get recommendations for action to make your onboarding process as efficient and effective as possible

  4. Optimize your onboarding step by step and track the results of individual actions in your dashboard

  5. Stand out from your competitors with an excellent integration of new employees


Optimize the integration of new employees with ready-made surveys

Make the integration of your employees a priority. With our ready-made surveys, you can identify what is particularly important to new employees and what is still lacking. Make sure that your employees’ first work experiences are positive and minimize the risk of early turnover.

  • Automated and anonymous surveys guarantee honest answers

  • Identify signs of early turnover

  • Enable a successful and pleasant start for new employees

Use data-driven recommendations for action to improve the onboarding experience

An interactive dashboard automatically analyzes all responses and provides a clear overview of the onboarding experience of your employees. Recommendations for action based on artificial intelligence help you to identify areas for improvement and follow through with targeted measures.

  • Collect and analyze all responses in an interactive dashboard

  • Design your onboarding process so that your employees will love it

  • Reduce time-to-performance for new hires and minimize early turnover

Onboarding Experience
Onboarding Prozess

Optimize the onboarding experience of new employees

Do you want to avoid initial problems or early turnover when onboarding new employees? With functionHR, you can analyze onboarding from an employee’s perspective and derive insights that will help you retain new employees in the long term.

Employee retention starts with the onboarding process

First impressions often determine a new hire’s motivation and company loyalty. Poor onboarding processes can lead to negative first experiences and cause employees to leave the company early or never reach their full potential.

We believe that onboarding also means keeping new employees on board. Our onboarding surveys are therefore designed to optimize every step of the onboarding process and to enable productive long-term collaboration.


Dashbord für Personaler im Einsatz
Data Integration

No administrative effort thanks to automation

Aside from all the benefits, the integration of functionHR is very easy. From the surveys, to the analysis, to the creation of recommendations for action, all steps are automated.

This means that you can focus completely on optimizing the onboarding process.

Do you want to take your onboarding to the next level?

Schedule a free demo now and discuss your goals directly with our customer success team. This way, you can integrate new employees more successfully and avoid early turnover.

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