FlixBus uses the functionHR Platform for data-driven leadership and evidence-based decisions

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FlixBus uses the functionHR Platform for data-driven leadership and evidence-based decisions

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FlixBus was aware of the fact that it operates in a highly dynamic customer and labor market, which is why fast decision-making in HR management is essential. In addition, employee retention is a mission-critical goal for the company. For this reason, FlixBus decided to cooperate with functionHR in order to utilize fast and continuous decision support with the establishment of People Analytics in an agile and adaptable software environment.

functionHR HR Award 2017
functionHR HR Excellene Award 2017
Matthias Hofmuth
Matthias Hofmuth
Director HR

Daten sind der wichtigste Auslöser für Entscheidungen bei FlixBus. Mit dem HR Keyboard for People Analytics haben wir eine Lösung geschaffen, die in der Lage ist, komplexe Strukturen in Echtzeit zu visualisieren. Wir nutzen sie regelmäßig sowohl in Management-Meetings als auch in der Teamkommunikation. Denn Transparenz ist ein wesentlicher Treiber für alle modernen Organisationen.

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Successfully increasing employee retention with the functionHR Platform at FlixBus

Challenge / Initial Situation

Since FlixBus employs talent from highly sought-after professional groups (e.g. IT and software development), employee retention is absolutely critical to the success of the company’s business processes and growth objectives.

Lack of retention of these talents leads to
• high recruitment costs
• slow growth
• lower client satisfaction

HR activities that precisely address the needs of these talents can effectively increase their retention. However, the selection of suitable activities requires the identification of the most important factors for employee retention. This is the only way to achieve these strategic goals.

In the fall of 2016, FlixBus was aware of the need to address the issue of employee retention and had analyzed various HR and business data sets with regard to the “Employee Experience”. The results were reported to top management by Dr. Matthias Hofmuth (Director HR) and his team.

However, Dr. Matthias Hofmuth felt that FlixBus’ internal HR reporting processes needed an upgrade – from simply calculating core KPIs (e.g., tracking basic HR metrics) to clearly identifying the drivers of those KPIs (i.e., advanced people analytics). It also needed a solution that would allow the entire management team to access data and analytics globally and in real time.

Decision for functionHR

In February 2017, FlixBus decided to implement the Survey and Analytics Platform. The decision was driven by the idea to deploy advanced People Analytics to streamline the HR Reporting process and focus on the automated generation of actionable and results-driven HR insights.

I-CAN-Enable Framework

functionHR applied the “I-CAN-Enable Framework” as a standardized process for implementing people analytics initiatives.

It includes five key steps:

functionHR Dashboard

Data-driven leadership with the functionHR Platform

Since the first rollout at the beginning of 2017, the feature set and user base of the functionHR Platform has been steadily expanded. In the meantime, in addition to the C-level, middle and lower managers (approx. 300 employees) can also access the software and perform data-driven leadership. This enables them to

• respond directly to the needs of their teams
• continuously improve their leadership quality
• effectively reduce employee turnover.

Achievements with functionHR

Increased employee retention

Based on the insights gained with the Analytics Platform, FlixBus implemented HR practices in the areas of employee feedback, training, and performance reviews, and adjusted internal communication structures. Once these practices were implemented, the Analytics Platform was used to evaluate their effect on employee retention.

The success was astounding: After just six months, the percentage of employees who wanted to leave FlixBus dropped by 50 percent. By using the Analytics Platform to identify the drivers of a critical business indicator (employee retention) and evaluate the impact of HR practices, FlixBus is now able to actively manage and demonstrate the strategic impact of HR. As a result, the company has taken an important step toward strategic talent management by using people analytics to increase employee retention.

Automation of HR Reporting

Additionally, the Analytics Platform streamlined the HR Reporting processes:

  1. First, it simplified and accelerated the provision of employee survey results by using the self-service software instead of intricate slideshows or offline documents.

  2. Second, the Analytics Platform increased the value of the employee survey by enabling users to intuitively interpret the results and derive actionable insights. And they can do this without the need to have advanced statistical training.

  3. Third, internal communication of results has been automated and significantly improved for all employees. Employees can now access important survey results via a dedicated website on the FlixBus intranet.

FlixBus Erfolgsgeschichte

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FlixBus was founded in 2013 to offer interregional and international mobility services via long-distance bus transfers. Since its founding, FlixBus has revolutionized a market previously dominated by rail companies and airlines. Within just a few years, the company has grown significantly and now employs around 1,500 people (excluding bus drivers) serving almost all of Europe and the USA, with a market share of just over 90% in Germany.

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