Feedback landscape with all survey formats

Complete flexibility for employee surveys

With the functionHR Survey Platform, you can run surveys according to your wishes and obtain targeted feedback from your employees – even from those without their own e-mail address.

You want to build your own feedback landscape? functionHR enables you to conduct employee surveys in various formats and to collect specific survey data.

Whether it is a one-time or regular survey – you are guaranteed valuable insights.

Intuitive design and easy handling

The functionHR questionnaire is very easy to use. It supports its users with an appealing interface and helpful features.

Anonymous feedback

Nothing stands in the way of  honest answers – thanks to functionHR’s guaranteed secure approach. The feedback is exclusively collected anonymously.

Maximum survey participation

Employees without an e-mail address take part in surveys on their smartphone and access the survey via QR code. If required, the integration of paper-and-pencil questionnaires is also possible.

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Standard Surveys

Global employee surveys

A professional employee survey serves to collect and analyze the opinions of the employees of a company. It provides important insights as a basis for strategic management and far-reaching corporate decisions. Conducted every one to two years, it makes a major contribution to the successful development of the entire organization.

The methodology behind functionHR is based on current scientific research and builds the change process directly into the solution, i.e. we convert the feedback of your employees into effective follow-up actions.

Conducting surveys with employees in production

Want to get your Blue Collars’ opinions but don’t know how? functionHR has the right software solution for employee surveys. We specialize in the requirements of the manufacturing industry and know exactly what is important.

Make it possible for all your employees to take part in surveys and thus give them a say. In our free guide, you will find out all the details, compact and clear.

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Full-Service Pulse-Checks

Pulse surveys are carried out at regular intervals and reflect important impulses over time. They are characterized by a certain uniformity, brevity and continuity.

In this modern form of survey, your employees answer a short survey on specific topics, e.g. teamwork, interim feedback on change processes or measuring the progress of ongoing projects.

In combination with a standard survey, pulse checks are used as a follow-up survey to track ongoing change processes and flexibly adjust the implemented measures.


Multirater feedback for managers

The collection of feedback from different perspectives significantly contributes to making decisions about leadership development. functionHR’s leadership evaluation tool is based on a multirater feedback approach. The survey data is automatically analyzed and results are presented in real-time on a self-service dashboard for every manager.

Whether 180°, 270° or 360° feedback: the survey tool is flexibly scalable. It enables the implementation of one-off 360-degree feedback for individuals as well as regular group feedback.

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continuous listening employee surveys
Continuous Listening

Data-based employee experience management

Surveys along the employee journey are an important tool for understanding the experiences of your employees. Whether in the application process, onboarding or remote work context: When it comes to the employee experience (EX), continuous listening is the key to actionable insights.

With a survey-based feedback approach, functionHR creates the basis for data-based employee experience management.

Away from places where people stay because they have to work towards places where people really want to work!

Would you like to get feedback from your employees, but don’t know how? functionHR has the right software solution for your project. Here are a few insights into our technical expertise.


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