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The employee survey with a built-in follow-up tool​

The employee survey with a built-in follow-up tool

Use employee feedback effectively

We have re-invented employee surveys for you. Benefit from our award-winning software solution with the power to effectively enhance the employee experience in your company – centrally managed as part of the HR development process as well as individually by each manager.

Mitarbeiterbefragung / Employee Surveys
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Your benefits with Employee Surveys by functionHR:

  1. Facilitate the entire employee survey process with a fully integrated and GDPR-compliant software solution
  2. Integrate and combine data from different sources
  3. Establish a holistic survey strategy to collect employee feedback on all relevant topics
  4. Manage and evaluate your actions and follow-up processes to ensure successful change
  5. Empower your managers with a self-service tool and AI-supported recommendations for action

Give your employees a voice: Employee Surveys for all

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With our powerful Survey Platform, you can reach every employee in your company – whether white or blue collar, laptop or smartphone, and with or without their own email address.

Using ready-made questionnaires, you can continuously measure the current state of your company and monitor important KPIs, take deep dives in specific topics and gain valuable insights into the work experiences of your employees.

The functionHR software will not only give your employees a voice, but also turn their feedback into actionable insights and follow-up measures.

  • Create surveys with customized and validated questionnaires
  • Measure and monitor key metrics such as job satisfaction, motivation, engagement, and retention
  • Collect insightful feedback on relevant topics such as leadership, culture, communication, the work environment and employee experience
  • Use a variety of feedback channels such as company-wide surveys, pulse surveys, 360-degree feedback and topic-specific surveys

Insights that really make a difference

Analyse survey results in real time via our interactive dashboard. With our industry-leading analytics based on advanced statistics and artificial intelligence, you generate deep insights into your employees’ experience, motivation, and satisfaction. Take deep dives into your organizational structure to really understand the inner workings of your organization.

This takes you far beyond the usual presentation of employee survey results and enables you to improve the work experience effectively and sustainably.

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  • Get all results at a glance, fully automated in your individualized self-service dashboard

  • Improve important KPIs by identifying cause-effect-relationships with our AI-powered Impact Engine

  • Find out what your employees are talking about with our AI that condenses open comments into topic areas

  • Identify problem areas and receive AI-supported recommendations for action

Führungskräfteentwicklung Handlungsbedarf

AI-powered change processes

Many employee surveys stop at the results evaluation, or the follow-up processes fizzle out. Therefore, we integrated a follow-up tool directly in our solution.

This way, you manage the entire survey and follow-up process with functionHR – from the survey to the identification, implementation and documentation of follow-up actions to the systematic evaluation of actions taken.

Targeted insights for everyone

Via role-specific dashboard access, you get all relevant user groups on board – from Top Management to Organizational Development and HR Business Partners to every single manager. Enable all stakeholders with targeted insights to successfully drive organizational change.

functionHR focuses on managers and enhancing their leadership quality. With our multirater feedback and leadership evaluation approach, valuable insights for individual leadership development are generated. Specifically developed dashboards and AI-supported assistants are available to support your managers in their personal development.

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Darüber hinaus ist functionHR die einzige Befragungsplattform, die datenschutzkonform mit Ihrer bestehenden Systemlandschaft verknüpft werden kann. So können nach Bedarf weitere Datenquellen in die Auswertungen und Veränderungsprozesse miteinbezogen werden – von Mitarbeiter-Stammdaten über Fluktuation und Fehlzeiten bis hin zu Betriebs- und Finanzdaten. Und über unsere weiteren Module erweitern Sie Lösung kinderleicht zu Ihrer zentralen HR-Reporting und People Analytics Plattform.

Maximum insights with minimal effort

functionHR takes care of everything for you, so you can focus entirely on listening, learning and optimizing. Directly after the initial setup, you can send automated surveys and analyze results in real time. This allows you to effortlessly gather valuable insights, helping you to design successful change processes and effectively influence KPIs.

Moreover, the functionHR Employee Survey Platform goes even further than other solutions. With our approach, additional data sources can be included in evaluations and change processes as needed – from employee master data to churn and absenteeism to operational and financial data. Additionally, our other software modules enable you to expand the solution into your central HR Reporting and People Analytics Platform.

Get started with building your very own feedback landscape, your employees will thank you for it.

Enter the new era and unleash the full potential of your surveys

Schedule a demo now and discuss your goals directly with our customer success team. Find out how you can benefit from our all-in-one software solution for the automated execution and analyses of your employee surveys.

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